POLYPOWER provides a single source solution for all your automation and industrial electrical purchases.  We represent and carry large product inventories from leading manufacturers from many industrial automation and electrical manufacturers.  POLYPOWER is a dynamic company always striving to be the best electrical distributor in the UAE.  Our sales and support staff are extensively trained in all aspects of automation and control and are ever-ready to provide cost effective solutions for your projects.


POLYPOWER has a policy where it encourages staff to take training on the products to provide better service and training to our clients.



POLYPOWER documents all field installations and troubleshooting methods in order to build a database to and publish it to our clients.
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Engineering Services

POLYPOWER tries to provide application based cost affective solutions to its clients and gives them options by understanding their needs.

Our Portal

POLYPOWER is currently building an online solutions portal where the clients can access  information about our products using a centralized database

The phone line is the quickest connection to a knowledgeable POLYPOWER technical representative.

POLYPOWER technical representative. Our Technical Service Group (TSG) is always standing by, equipped with a selection of flexible options to support your specific situation.


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