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Since 2003

About Us

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POLYPOWER TRADING LLC is proud to be associated with PRIME ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING LLC, a leading electrical contractor in the UAE.

This association has enabled us to give our customers turnkey solutions by integrating supply and installation activities under one roof providing value addition to our services.
Since we entered the supply market in the new millennium, it is our goal to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices, backed by the highest level of commitment and service available in this industry.

We have been serving the electrical professional for over a decade, we realize that our ultimate success is dependent on client satisfaction.

Our Services

At POLYPOWER we recognize that we're not in the electrical business. We're actually in the people business; and people are all about building relationships. We know that people prefer to do business with people they trust, so we've worked hard to earn our clients' business and we continue to work hard in order to keep it.
We offer a comprehensive collection of value-added services to ensure our customers are satisfied. Our Service Program was designed to harness our industry expertise to bring simplicity, reliability and support to our clients at every stage of our relationship

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Our Clients

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